Ozone for healthy lungs bundle  treatment via nebulisation in water and olive oil.

Healthy Lungs Ozone Therapy Bundle



Ozone generator * 1pc
Power adapter * 1pc
Silicone Hose * 2pcs (one for O2)
3-Way connector *1pc
Male luer connector * 3pcs
Water bubbler *2pcs

Glassware 500ml & 1000ml * 1set

Oxygen filter * 1pc
Non-return valve * 2pcs
Female luer connector * 3pcs
Extra male luer connector * 3pcs
Extra silicone hose * 2 meters

Ozone should not be inhaled directly  and should only be used following correct  guidelines . Ozone therapy for lung health  is administered  via nebulisation of water and olive oil by inhaling ozonoids.  Recent evidence suggests that its administration via appropriate routes and at small doses can  induce an adaptive reaction capable of decreasing the endogenous oxidative stress. Ozone therapy is recommended to counter the disruptive effects of severe COVID-19 on lung tissues, especially if administered in early stages of the disease, thereby preventing the progression to ARDS. More information:

臭氧治疗手册 Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy 3rd

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 28 x 15 x 14