Ozone Therapy Device

Ozone Therapy Device

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This smart portable ozone therapy device makes high pure ozone‍ for ozone therapy applications. It uses the latest Titanium electrode and quartz tube cells. and is driven by a safe low voltage—12V DC, which delivers super stable ozone output.The users can choose ozone concentration from 10~99 mg/L by adjusting the oxygen flow rate easily. What‘s more, the size is so mini thus you can even travel with it any where.

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10-99ug/mL Adjustable Portable Medical Ozone Generator Therapy Machine

Ozone concentration: 99mg/L at 1/32 L/min
Available for Rectal therapy, Vagina Therapy, and
ozone oil making
Built-in: cooling fan, ozone module, LED
With oxygen inlet connector & ozone outlet
connector: OD 5mm
with foot pads;
Driving voltage:12 VDC (need 100-240 V AC


  • 1. Pure ozone is made, for medical use
  • 2. Very easy to operate,  users can use it at home or clinics every day
  • 3. Super table performance with high acurrate ozone output
  • 4. Long life: >10,000 hours
  • 4. ozone concentration is adjustable
  • 5. 100% ozone resistance material
  • 6. Mini size, easy for travelling

This smart portable ozone therapy  device makes high pure ozone‍ for ozone therapy applications.

It uses the latests Titanium electrode and quartz tube cells. and is driven by a  safe low voltage—12V DC, which delivers super stable ozone output.

The users can choose ozone concentration from 10-99 mg/L by adjusting the oxygen flow rate easily.

What’s more, the size is so mini thus you can even travel with it any where.


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What benefits you can get from ozone dental therapy?  

Dental ozone therapy is one of those most popular ozone applications in the world today.It has been indicated for the treatment of 260 different pathologies, and presents great advantages when used as a support for conventional treatments and is indicated for use in a wide range of dental specialties.

When ozone is used in Dental procedures it treats the cause of the problem NOT JUST the symptom. This produces a proactive approach to treatment rather than solely engaging in the routine procedure of damage control.
Oral lesions are caused by various etiological factors; micro-organisms playing a major role for the same.Elimination of these microbial pathogens form the mainstay of an effective dental treatment. Various bacteria have been studied in relation to ozone treatment. It has been reported that an exposure of about 60s exhibited 99.9% killing efficiency against cariogenic bacteria such as Actinomyces naeslundii, Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus casei. However, exposure for such a long period showed degradation of salivary proteins and hence 10s–30s of exposure was proven to be effective in killing a significant number of bacteria.  Besides, Ozone application has various beneficial effects on the oral tissues including remission of various mucosal alterations, enhanced wound healing and increased turnover rate of oral cells.

What benefits you can get from ozone rectal insufflation therapy?  

Ozone rectal insufflation is one of the most popular methods of using ozone. It is not only very convenient, but also very effective. This method is used by many physicians in their clinics and by those at home as well. As Renate Viebahn, the author of “The Use of Ozone in Medicine”, said: Ozone rectal insufflation is “95% as effective as Major Autohemotherapy”.

Rectal insufflation is completely painless and minimally invasive. It is highly recommended that you seek the guidance and professional care of an Ozone Doctor, who can assess your situation, prescribe suitable therapies, and monitor your condition as you take part in the prescribed therapies. Once you have these professional advice, you can do the rectal insufflation at home directly.
By increasing the oxygen level in blood, it oxygenates the tissues in the whole body. Not only does it positively affect the appearance of our skin, but it also helps our body’s healing process. It supports blood and liver detoxification, is anti-aging and boosts the immune system.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 36 cm