Lamella Clarifiers

PWT's Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifier

PWT’s Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifier offers an efficient and cost-effective way to remove solid particles from a variety of waste and process liquids. Unlike traditional settling tanks, the clarifier features inclined plates that provide up to ten times more settling area, while occupying less floor space. These clarifiers can handle feed water concentrations of up to 10,000 mg/L of oil and grease, and up to 4,000 mg/L of suspended solids. When used in combination with coagulants and flocculants, they can remove more than 90% of suspended solids. Additionally, they require minimal energy input due to the lack of moving parts.
Some of the key features of PWT’s Lamella Clarifiers include:

  • Coated carbon steel or stainless steel 304 AND 316
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • uPVC lamella plates
  • Equal flow distribution
  • Consistent laminar flow, and
  • Durable and compact design
The clarifier effectively removes solids from wastewater and other process liquids by utilizing the Flash Mix and Flocculation Tanks (optional) for chemical and polymer additions. This design allows for increased flow and reduced footprint, while maintaining laminar flow through the plates.
Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifier Diagram

The liquid enters the lower area of the laminar plates through side slots, which evenly distribute it across the width of the plates. Solid particles then settle onto the plate surface and slide down to the clarifier bottom. The clarified liquid exits through weirs at the top of the unit, maintaining laminar flow through the plates.

 Settled solids are collected at the bottom of the pyramid sludge hopper and can be removed from the clarifier. The unique modular design of the PWT Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifier makes it easy to remove individual laminar plate modules for inspection.

Technical Parameters

Specification: YM-5

Settling Time: About 60 min

Treatment Capacity: 5m3/h