Arsenic / Heavy Metals Removal

GEH® – Patented, Top-Tier Adsorbent for Water Treatment Solutions

Introducing GEH®, a powerful adsorption granulate crafted from iron oxide hydroxide, designed to effectively eliminate heavy metals and various contaminants from water without altering its essential and beneficial properties. As the inventors of this innovative adsorbent, we proudly hold the first patent for the production of granular iron hydroxide in water treatment, and have even spearheaded the European standardization of this groundbreaking product. To this day, our commitment to utilizing only the highest-quality raw materials remains steadfast.

Why choose GEH®? The answer lies in its unparalleled performance. For instance, the larger an adsorbent material’s specific surface area, the greater its adsorption capacity and, consequently, its effectiveness. Remarkably, one kilogram of GEH® boasts a surface area equivalent to 30 football fields, making it the world’s most efficient product of its kind.

Where is GEH® applicable? GEH® is versatile, finding use in drinking water treatment, wastewater management, and process water purification. In fact, it’s the leading global solution for removing arsenic from drinking water.

Key benefits of GEH® include:

Pioneering in ferric hydroxide adsorbent due to our impeccable quality management

Our quality management system boasts ISO 9001:2015 certification. How do we ensure that our customers receive products of the highest quality? By implementing meticulous controls at every stage – from inspecting raw chemicals and continuously monitoring production to analyzing the finished product.


Alongside the ongoing enhancements we make to our products, we also invest significantly in modernizing every aspect of our company – from internal organization and production processes to the comprehensive service package we offer our customers. The quality of our work is validated by the following certifications:

  • Regular verification of GEH® product quality in compliance with DIN EN 15029 by accredited laboratories.
  • Compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH) for all GEH Wasserchemie products.
  • Certification aligned with NSF/ANSI Standard 61, ensuring we address the requirements of our global customers in terms of drinking water treatment.
  • Certified energy management adhering to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 for sustainable company management.



  • Processing Roof Runoff from Zinc and Copper Roofs
  • Elimination of Heavy Metals from Urban Street Runoff


  • Phosphate Extraction from Surface Water Sources
  • Restoration of Eutrophied Water Bodies
  • Nutrient Reduction in Outdoor Swimming Pools and Ornamental Ponds


  • Generation of Potable Water from Groundwater Sources
  • Water Treatment Solutions for the Food Industry
  • Dependable Arsenic Elimination Techniques


  • Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Purification
  • Groundwater Restoration and Remediation
  • Process Water Preparation and Treatment
  • Management and Treatment of Leachate from Landfills


  • Elimination of Undesirable Contaminants from Mineral Water
  • Processing and Purification of Spring and Therapeutic Waters


For optimal removal of heavy metals and other harmful substances from water, a GEH® system is the ideal choice. We are committed to offering comprehensive guidance and support throughout the planning process.

Is your GEH® system operating efficiently? There may be opportunities for optimization, prevention of malfunctions, cost reduction, and enhancement of operational safety.

Discover GEH – the essential solution for enduring, pristine water

Since 2010, the United Nations has declared access to clean water a fundamental human right. However, at GEH Wasserchemie, our commitment to developing efficient and sustainable water treatment solutions dates back to 1997. Our mission is to deliver clean water to people around the world.

Our material outperforms those offered by our competitors, with comparative tests confirming treatment capacities up to 100 percent higher. This is great news for our customers: By utilizing GEH®, their systems enjoy a significantly extended lifespan while maintaining the same material usage.

The EU has established quality standards for iron-hydroxide used in drinking water treatment through the EN DIN 15029 standard. At GEH Wasserchemie, we don’t simply adhere to these standards – we surpass them, setting an even higher benchmark for excellence.

The major benefit of our adsorbent material lies in its sustainability. Unlike methods that involve precipitant agents followed by filtration, our product efficiently captures heavy metals and permanently eliminates them from the water cycle. Moreover, using GEH® results in reduced waste volumes.

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