Alkaline Water Filters

Improve your health, supercharge your immune system, and fight the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water. See this video about alkaline water.

Overview – Alkaline Water Filters and Purifiers
Toxins are the number one cause of aging. They are often a result of poor diet, pollution, and stress. Toxins can build up in your body causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. The best way to fight toxins and detoxify your body is with antioxidants. And it’s as easy as drinking antioxidant-rich alkaline water.

We supply a variety of different alkaline water purifiers including:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems with additional alkaline and mineral enrichment stages.
  • Ultrafiltration Systems retains the natural mineral content and add extra minerals and anti-oxidants to the purified water.

Drinking alkaline water has a number of benefits:

  • Can help treat acid reflux disease.
  • High acid levels, or acidosis, might lead to diarrhea, osteoporosis, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis and impaired immune function.
  • Alkaline water is better for hydration because it has fewer molecules and is more easily absorbed.
  • Other purported benefits include potential weight loss, improved mental clarity, an increase in bone strength and more energy.
  • Our alkaline water systems not only increase the pH of the water but also add minerals to the water which provide buffering capacity, resulting in lower susceptibility to pH fluctuations.
  • RO water is generally acidic as the minerals have been removed, and not the dissolved CO2. Hence adding minerals and increasing the pH result in alkaline water containing natural minerals.