Whole House Reverse Osmosis & Ultrafiltration Systems

As a general rule, we do not recommend whole-house reverse osmosis systems that provide purified water to the whole house. The water produced from reverse osmosis systems is devoid of any minerals and thus corrosive.

The RO water can corrode copper plumbing and hot water fixtures and hence leach heavy metals into the water. Whole house RO systems require pH correction either using soda ash dosing or calcite filters to increase the pH to above 7.5. Calcite filters will add hardness minerals to the water however the added minerals will reduce the risk of corrosion in the reticulation system. We also supply commercial reverse osmosis systems that can produce up to 800 GPD – for more information see: Commercial systems

We do offer also larger commercial RO units specifically designed to treat brackish or seawater.

In order to make whole-house RO systems more economical we recommend the purified water to be stored in a pure water tank. Once the pH is corrected the purified water can be supplied after UV sterilisation to the entire household fixtures via gravitation or by a pump.

Whole-house ultrafiltration systems are more practical as the minerals are not removed and are by far a more economical option. A drawback is that these filters cannot be used for brackish water or seawater. Ultrafiltration allows for a high flux rate of purified water with the natural minerals retained. The nominal 0.01-micron filtration removes 99.9% of all algae, bacteria, cysts and viruses. We will soon also offer high-flow ultrafilters that work at low pressure and don’t require a pump to provide the necessary pressure for filtration. Ultrafiltration generally requires lower pressure and hence lower energy costs. Most of our ultrafiltration systems are operated in the dead-end configuration – hence requiring a forward flush to clean the membrane and prevent flux rate decay.