Rotary Drum Filters for Lobster Manufacturing Facility

Supply of HD60 & 2 HD150 Drum Filters to Indian Ocean Rock Lobster
Pacific Water Technology recently supplied three rotary drum filters to IORL – Cervantes for their lobster processing facility.

[Two HD150 drum filters ready for dispatch]

The Drum filter also has many other industrial applications where water conservation is paramount. Rotary drum filters provide superb mechanical filtration with astonishing water clarity. At the same time, they reduce the filter maintenance to almost zero because of the filter’s automatic cleaning feature. A digital controller monitors the water levels and cleans the filter only when necessary using fresh water. Any waste from the water is removed from the water column almost immediately and it does not dissolve back into the water. Therefore, the workload for the bio-stage if present, is significantly reduced and allows the filter chambers with a very small footprint.