Calcite Filters

Calcite filters is an effective solution to rectify acidic water, in particular bore water. Acidic water can cause corrosion of your plumbing.

Copper corrosion manifests itself in causing blue/green stains on bathroom fixtures and corrosion of ferrous plumbing will cause reddish stains on bathroom fixtures. We offer a range of automated backwash calcite filters that will increase the pH of your water. The control valves are trusted brand valves, which will provide many years of reliable operation. For limited pH correction, we also offer refillable Big Blue cartridges that may suit smaller budgets. In general, backwashing is required to reclassify the bed and wash out some sediment. Calcite will add some calcium to the water, which will contribute to hardness. This adds beneficial minerals to the water and adds to the total alkalinity of the water. Total alkalinity will reduce the risk of corrosion caused by otherwise unstable pH waters.

Calcite filters can be added after sediment filters, and before iron removal filters, if iron is also a problem. Depending on the catalytic oxidation media, pH levels above 8 are required for effective iron removal. For testing your water supply, we offer a range of DIY test kits.