Spares (RO Systems)

We stock all components and parts required for a residential RO system. The components are of the highest quality and are made by the most trusted  brands and suppliers for RO componentry.

The replacement parts are suitable for most residential RO systems.

It is critical to match the reverse osmosis membrane with a correctly sized drain line flow restrictor to ensure the proper waste-to-product ratio is met. A mismatched combination will allow either excess water to flow to the drain or cause premature fouling of the membrane. The waste-to-product ratio may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. The chart below provides you with the standard ratios used. The first number (3) indicates the waste and the second number (1) indicates the portion of purified water produced during the same given time period. REMEMBER that the reverse osmosis system comes with a shut-off valve that stops the unit from producing any waste or product water once the reverse osmosis storage tank is full. The average household reverse osmosis system will waste less than 2 flushes of a toilet.

Membranes Daily Gallon Rated CapacityML/MIN for a 3/1 RatioML/MIN for a 4/1 RatioML/MIN for a 5/1 Ratio
10 GPD80105131
16 GPD126168210
18 GPD142189236
24 GPD189252315
36 GPD283378473
50 GPD394525657
75 GPD591788985
100 GPD78810501314
150 GPD118215771971