Replacement Filter Cartridges

We offer a range of replacement filter cartridges including sediment filters, activated carbon filters, carbon block and speciality in-line cartridges. We also stock replacement filters for our entire range of RO systems, water ionisers and office RO coolers.

The Filter cartridges are independently tested and NSF-certified. The filter cartridges fit the standard filter housings including 2.5″x10″, 2.5″x20″, 4.5″x10″ and the Big Blue or Big White Filter Housings 4.5″x20″. The micron range we keep in stock is 1,5 and 20 micron. The sediment filter cartridges utilise our technology to create 4 separate layers of micron filtration. The outside-in flow allows the outer layer to trap the larger micron particles with a much lower pressure drop. Step-by-step, trapping the larger particles layer-by-layer, allows our sediment filters a much higher dirt-holding capacity than standard spun polypropylene and string wound cartridges. For sediment filter selection read our blog: Sediment Filter Selection.

The activated carbon T33 cartridges are acid rinsed (for higher purity) Coconut Shell Coal based GAC. They are ideal for polishing filters, drinking water, or RO Post-filtration (12×40 Mesh GAC). The carbon block filters simultaneously remove free chlorine and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odour. They provide the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5µm nominal sediment filter. We also stock a range of filter value packs that include multiple stages and can be a cost-effective solution for replacing filters.

[Replacement filters RO 5 stage]