Ozone Dental Kit

Healthy Mouth



Ozone generator * 1pc
Power adapter * 1pc
Silicone Hose * 2pcs (one for O2)
3-Way connector *1pc
Male luer connector * 3pcs
Water bubbler *2pcs

Dental Handpiece with needle jet * 1pc
Dental Handpiece with tooth cup *1pc
Luer Lock Short Needles* 2pcs
Tooth Cup for Dental Handpiece* 2pcs

Oxygen filter * 1pc
Non-return valve * 2pcs
Female luer conector * 3pcs
Extra male luer connector * 3pcs
Extra silicone hose * 2 meters

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions28 x 15 x 14