Consumables, Flow Meters, Fittings & Mixers

We stock a range of Filtration media and water treatment chemicals including speciality chemicals. The range of synthetic adsorbents and ion exchange resins are world-class and used globally in many applications including industrial water softening and deionising(DI),  fruit juice processing and removal of acidity and undesirable colour, flavour and odours.

We also supply ion-specific media for the removal of unwanted contaminants from wastewater and potable water, such as heavy metals and arsenic. These include Titanium based media like Metsorb for the removal of heavy metals, as well as various activated carbons manufactured to exact specifications to suit the process requirements and conditions. Our high-performance catalytic oxidation media are extremely effective in the removal of iron and manganese from potable water supply. The range of high-quality general chemicals covers all applications from pH control( acids or alkaline), pH buffering and alkalinity increasers, weak organic acids, and chemicals for disinfection like Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, acetic acid and hypochlorite.

Our range of variable area flow meters for fresh and seawater are durable, precision-made instruments supplied at very competitive pricing. A significant range of our transparent tube flow meters are kept in stock in order to reduce lead times. We also keep clear PVC fittings, as well as clear static in-line mixers in stock. These fittings are ideally suited for process monitoring and optimising processes such as mixing two liquids, or with other phases. We also offer a range of Schedule 80 UPVC fittings including manual and automated control valves, check valves, butterfly valves, etc.