Sediment Filter Replacement Cartridges

We have a range of sediment filter cartridges including reusable pleated filters and polyspun cartridges that fit the standard filter housings. For other types and sizes of filter cartridges, please contact us as we also stock industrial bag filers and larger cartridges.

To decide what sediment filter would be fit for purpose depends on a number of factors particularly the source of water, the flow rate required and the application. More often than not, it does involve some trial and error and trialing various types of filters and micron sizes and find which ones work for you.  Refer to our blog for more information on sediment filter selection.

In general, flow rates for sediment filters are higher than for equally sized carbon or media filters. The tighter the filter, the slower the recommended flow rate and the higher the pressure drop. As a general guideline the table below suggests flow rates (litres per minute) vs microns for a pleated 9.75″ x 2.5″ filter cartridge:

Pleated Sediment Filters: Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges are most commonly fabricated from pleated reusable polyester fabric. The media has been pleated to provide a very large surface area in order to maximise the cartridge dirt-holding capacity and extend the time between cleaning. 

Pleated cartridges are particularly useful for low-pressure applications such as domestic supplies using header tanks or roof water.

Depth Sediment Filters require the water being filtered to pass through a thick wall of filter material and treatment takes place throughout the depth of the sediment filter. Some sediment depth filters, in fact, have what is called a “graded density” structure, meaning that the filter gets tighter as the water passes through the filter wall. Graded sediment density filters remove particles of a variety of sizes. The outside traps larger particles and smaller particles get trapped in the inner core.

Cartridge sediment filters are effective in the removal of moderate amounts of particles from liquids in the size range of 50 to 0.035 microns.