The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device offers reliable ozone-to-oxygen catalysis with compatibility for both wet and dry gas, featuring a durable stainless steel and Teflon design, a bottom-to-top airflow configuration, optional heater element, and a replaceable catalyst for easy maintenance.

CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device


The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device ensures reliable and consumable-free catalysis of ozone to oxygen, compatible with both wet and dry ozone gas, featuring a stainless steel and Teflon design for excellent material compatibility and longevity. With a bottom-to-top airflow configuration and 1″ Female NPT connections, an air gap in the inlet prevents short-circuiting, and an optional heater element converts potential condensation to vapour in the heated area, safeguarding the catalyst from water droplet damage.

Flow capacities include 300 LPM (10.6 CFM) in wet off-gas applications with the heater element and 600 LPM (21.2 CFM) in dry off-gas applications. Wet air, common in ozone water systems, requires greater contact time between the catalyst and gas stream, resulting in a lower airflow rating. Dry air is suitable for ozone processes, while ambient air applications falling between wet and dry classifications should consider humidity levels. For humidity levels above 30%, the wet airflow rating is recommended, and levels above 50% should use the optional heater element.

The CDU Ozone Destruct Device includes a replaceable catalyst, expected to last many years in dry gas applications and at least one year in wet gas applications. Maintenance involves a simple replacement process, with a complete replacement kit available, including the catalyst material, screens, and a new gasket.


CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device

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