The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device ensures safe ozone-to-oxygen catalysis, compatible with wet or dry gas, featuring a durable design with replaceable catalyst, optional configurations for specific needs, and efficient maintenance.

CDU-30 Ozone Destruct Device

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The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device ensures safe and consumable-free catalysis of ozone to oxygen, compatible with wet or dry ozone gas. It features a simple design with stainless steel and Teflon materials for excellent compatibility and longevity. The CDU has a bottom-to-top airflow configuration with 1/2″ Female NPT connections, incorporating an air gap at the inlet to prevent short circuiting and allow for condensation conversion to vapor in the heated area.

Flow capacities include 30 LPM (63 SCFH) in wet off-gas applications and 60 LPM (127 SCFH) in dry off-gas applications. The device has a replaceable catalyst for maintenance that takes no longer than 30 minutes. Optional configurations include a heater element for wet gas applications, a wall bracket for easy mounting, and a water trap for bulk moisture removal in off-gas situations.

CDU-30 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-30 Ozone Destruct Device

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