The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device guarantees reliable, consumable-free catalysis for ozone to oxygen, with a simple design using stainless steel and carulite-200 catalyst; CDU-15, vertically installed with 1/4″ Female NPT connections, offers 15 LPM flow in dry ozone, and optional heater element considerations, with CDU-30 as a potential substitute.

CDU-15 Ozone Destruct Device


The True Catalytic Ozone Destruct Device ensures reliable and consumable-free catalysis of ozone to oxygen, compatible with both wet or dry ozone gas; utilizing a simple design with stainless steel materials and carulite-200 catalyst, the CDU Ozone Destruct Device guarantees excellent material compatibility and longevity. Installation of the CDU-15 in a vertical position with the removal cap at the top, featuring 1/4″ Female NPT connections for both inlet and outlet, provides a flow capacity of 15 LPM in dry ozone gas applications. While dry air is suitable for ozone processes where gas is produced from oxygen, ambient air applications with humidity levels above 30% should use the wet air flow rating, and levels exceeding 50% may benefit from an optional heater element, with the CDU-30 serving as a viable substitute if a heater is required.


CDU-15 Ozone Destruct Device

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Dimensions20 x 4 x 4