We offer a range of  easy to install and clean  inline sediment filters that remove organics, sand, and sediment from water systems. The Lakos Twist11 Clean for instance, just a gentle twist of the handle begins the patented reverse flushing action, and the TwistIIClean back washes itself from the inside-out. The entire cleaning process takes less than 20 seconds! The TwistIIClean means no mess, no leaks, and no tools required. With five different screen sizes available, filter sediment down to just 74 microns! See video:http://www.twistiiclean.com/installation-operation.html

Rusco Spin-Down® and Rusco Sediment Trapper® filters are efficient, easy to maintain sediment filters that can be used in applications from 1 GPM up to 100 GPM. The Rusco Spin-Down filters can also be fitted with automated flush valves.

Below is a conversion table of Mesh, Inches and Microns:

U.S. Standard * Space between wires
Sieve Mesh No. Inches Microns** Typical material
14 0.056 1400
28 0.028 700 Beach sand
60 0.0098 250 Fine sand
100 0.0059 150
200 0.0030 74 Portland cement
325 0.0017 44 Silt
400 0.0015 37 Plant Pollen
(1200) 0.0005 12 Red Blood Cell
(2400) 0.0002 6
(4800) 0.0001 2 Cigarette smoke


The mesh numbers in parentheses are too small to exist as actual screen sizes; they are estimated and included just for reference.

Uses include:

  • Landscaping
  • Drinking water
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Greenhouses
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Reclaimed Wate
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