Sediment Filters are highly flexible filters designed to be utilised in a wide variety of applications. Rusco sediment trappers are a simple and inexpensive way to remove sand  and silt from your water. Rusco sand separators are the clear choice for sand removal because there is no need to change filters, simply flush the filter housing when full, or order an auto flush valve as well!

Select from 4 sizes and also different screen sizes in mesh.



Rusco Filter Sediment Trapper Polyester



 Description: Rusco Sediment Trapper

Both the RUSCO Spin-Down Sediment Filter and the RUSCO Sediment Trapper utilise centrifugal force to separate the sediment from the water. The sediment then “Spins Down” out of the stream of the water. The valve at the bottom allows for the manual discharge of the sediment. During the operation of the filter, the sediment accumulation can easily be seen through the clear housing. The Sediment Trapper offers additional sediment reservoir capacity. Both are available with polyester or stainless steel screens.

Rusco filters are available up to 2″ with different screen sizes-   the one inch sand separator for instance will allow a flow of up to  60 litres/min.


Sediment Filters are highly flexible filters designed to be utilised in a wide variety of applications. From household well water systems, geothermal heating, or lawn and turf, all the way to factories, livestock feeding systems, or advanced liquid cooling systems, Rusco’s Spin-Down® has been providing the industry leading sediment filtration solution since 1977.



The Spin-Down filter houses the screen inside a clear cover. During operation, the water and sediment swirl around the inside of the cover at high speed. The heavier contaminants spin out to the wall of the cover and drop down out of the water current. The water flows through the screen and out to the discharge of the filter body. The screen will stop any lightweight particulate. Accumulated matter in the cover or on the screen can be flushed away by opening the flush valve while the unit is in operation.

The Sediment Trapper operates the same, but also provides a reservoir below the screen for accumulation of sediment. This product is recommended for cases where an abundance of sediment is expected. I do NOT usually recommend this filter in the 1 ¼”, 1 ½” or 2″ unless ONLY heavy sediment is present. The shorter screen can plug more quickly with lightweight sediment.

These filters were designed for cold water applications. For Hot Water or Chemicals, please refer to the specifications and charts. These specialty filters are available , just complete our enquiry form or contact us.

Filter Elements

Polyester and stainless steel screens are available in many mesh sizes to meet your requirements.


Rusco Sediment Filter covers are made of high impact polymer resin for maximum strength and durability. 1/2″ MPT nipple on bottom of cover for connection of plastic ball valve for easy cleaning.


Rusco Sediment Trapper Sediment Filter bodies are made of PVC and available in 4 sizes: 3/4″ MPT, 1″ , 1 1/2″ and 2″ slip x slip connections in and out (optional bushings are available for 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ FPT connections).

  • Centrifuge spin-down type sediment separation
  • Clear cover easily removed for total cleaning (no tools required)
  • Sediment is visible through cover
  • Reusable polyester and stainless steel screens are available in various mesh sizes
  • Flow capacity for entire system
  • All molded non-corrosive materials
  • High performance models available for chemical applications
  • 3/4″ models available for hot water applications to 200 degrees

Selecting the Right Sediment Filter Mesh Size


Selecting Mesh Size
Contaminent Water Use Use Mesh Size
Debris General Use 30
Fine Sand, Grit from New Wells Drip Irrigation systems, faucet aerators,
sand sensitive valves
Fogger Nozzles 140
Very Fine Sand & Grit Pre-treatment 200-500
Pre-treatment, ultra water systems,
reverse osmosis, etc.
Course Sand, Pipe Shale Drip Irrigation systems, faucet aerators,
sand sensitive valves
Shale, Shell General Use 30
Algae Grows in presence of light under
clear filter cover.
Use Sun Shield
In general, use the coarsest screen deemed necessary to filter the material you
want to remove. This will result in longer runs between cleanings.
Screen Size Equivalents – Polyester
Mesh Microns Opening
24 711 028″
30 533 .021″
40 381 .015″
60 254 .010″
100 152 .006″
140 104 .004″
250 61 .0024″
500 30 .0012″
1000 15 .0006″

Uses include:

  • Landscaping
  • Drinking water
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Greenhouses
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Reclaimed Water



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 15

3/4" NPT, 1" NPT, 1.5" NPT, 2"NPT


24, 60, 100, 140, 250, 1000