UPVC static in-line mixers is a low cost and maintenance free option of mixing corrosive liquids and gases – select from 4. 6,8 or 12 elements and size 3/4″ to 3″  ANSI 150#




 Description-UPVC  Static Mixers ( In-line)

UPVC static mixers have flow elements that  deliver two streams of fluids (or gases)  into the static mixer. As the streams move through the mixer, the non-moving elements continuously blend the materials. Complete mixing depends on many variables including the fluids’ properties, tube inner diameter, number of elements and their design. The housed-elements mixer’s fixed, typically helical elements can simultaneously produce patterns of flow division and radial mixing. We also supply clear static mixers allow for process monitoring and assist in process optimisation, especially in dissolution systems involving a gas phase.

Mixing Principle- UPVC Static Mixers


Flow is divided equally passing each element and number of divisions increases in a geometrical progression as the number of elements increase.

The partition number N = 2 n , (where n is the number of elements.)

The uniform turbulent shear field of the static mixer quickly disperses immiscible liquids and produces a narrow drop size distribution.

Benefits- UVPC Static Mixer

 No moving parts and no contamination
  Low capital cost and maintenance
  Easy to install as standard
  Long service life , excellent corrosion resistance and low power requirements
  No need for tanks in most cases
  Minimal space requirement



Properties :UPVC

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinylchloride) pipes and fittings exhibit excellent resistance to aggressive environments both naturally occurring and as a result of industrial activity.

They are resistant to almost all types of corrosion, either chemical or electrochemical in nature. Since uPVC is a non-conductor, galvanic and electro chemical effects do not occur in uPVC pipes. uPVC Pipes and fittings a often used in the following circumstances:

• For drinking water pipe distribution systems, both main and supply lines

• Sewer and discharge pipe systems

Due to its non-metallic nature, the material used is totally resistant to all forms of metallic corrosion. Aggressive water resulting from high sulphate soils and low hardness water will not attack uPVC pipes. Being made of a tasteless and odorless material, uPVC pipes remain neutral to all transported fluids. uPVC is completely inert and is widely used for transporting liquids made for human consumption. Because of their mirror-smooth inside surface, uPVC pipes have minimum flow head loss.

mixers are made in standard 6 element and 12 element configurations. Additionally, all static mixers are edge sealed to the inside of the housing. The advantages of edge sealing are twofold. Not only does edge sealing increase mixing efficiency, but this bonding method also increases the structural integrity of the entire mixer. All mixers come standard with male NPT threads in sizes 3/8″ – 2″. One of the primary uses of the Series 308 mixers is in the dilution of polymers and flocculants. Therefore with proper blending, it is quite common to recover the cost of a mixer in a short period of time. This is the result of lower chemical costs associated with better mixing.


Technical Specifications-UPVC Static Mixers


 static mixers 7



static mixers 8

Static Mixer -Example of application
Static Mixer -Example of application

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions25 x 10 x 10