This unit is a clear PVC static mixer with BSP thread, which unlike other static mixers, allows visual inspection of the mixed product.



Clear PVC Static Mixer



Description-Clear PVC Static Mixer (In-line)

Pacific Water Technology is the leader in high quality fluid containment and transport and has elevated high purity mixing technology to the next level. The Pacific Water Technology Static Mixer is the perfect solution for your CMP slurry and high purity chemical mixing needs!

Principles of Operation
Pacific Water Technology supplies Static Mixers with BSP thread, are designed based on a helical mixing element, which directs the flow of material away from the wall. The mixing element design, which combines alternating right hand and left-hand elements, results in flow division and radial mixing. All material is continuously and completely mixed, eliminating gradients in temperature, velocity and material composition.

Design Reference

1. The dosing position should be at the front of the pipe mixer and greater than 25cm.

2. Pipes for dosing can be designed according to the water supply standard. The flow rate inside the pipe should be higher than 0.9m/s, maximum working pressure:1.6Mpa.

3. The pipe mixer is designed according to the specific caliber and water volume. Once the water volume is reduced, the head loss drastically reduced, which significantly affects the mixing effect.

Mixing Applications

Turbulent Blending Static Mixer
The Pacific Water Technology Static Mixing element produces rapid mixing by combining the effects of radial forces and flow division.
Laminar Blending Static Mixer
The alternating helical elements continually divide, stretch and reorient the flow stream to produce complete mixing with minimum pressure drop.
Liquid/Liquid Dispersion
The uniform turbulent shear field of the Pacific Water Technology Static Mixing element quickly disperses immiscible liquids and produces a narrow drop size distribution.
Gas/Liquid Dispersion
Gases can be incorporated into turbulent liquids using the Pacific Water Technology Static Mixer. Mass transfer rates are dramatically enhanced to maximize absorption or reaction.

Benefits- Clear PVC Static Mixer

  • No moving parts and no contamination
  •  Low capital cost and maintenance
  •  Easy to install as standard.
  •  Long service life and low power requirements
  •  No need for tanks in most cases
  •  Minimal space requirement





Part No Size D (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) Flowrate (m3/h)
SK-68615 1/2’’ 20 252 156 0.4-1
SK-68620 3/4’’ 25 330 225 0.6-1.8
SK-68625 1’’ 32 420 292 1-3.2
SK-68632 1.25’’ 40 495 336 1-4.6
SK-68640 1.5’’ 50 565 406 2.2-10
SK-68650 2’’ 63 695 497 3.5-20

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 x 10 x 10