The MP-5000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator is equipped with a built-in internal air compressor and heavy-duty cooling fan. With the simple press of a button, the MP-5000 can complete most water applications with ease.


MP-5000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

Used for water applications, the MP-5000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator is designed with heavy duty jobs in mind. At 5000 mg/hour, the MP-5000 is versatile enough to complete household jobs, light industrial and commercial applications.

Special Features

  • 15-minute to 4-hour adjustable timer
  • Corona Discharge technology
  • Stainless steel handle for easy portability
  • Internal air compressor or optional oxygen feed hookup


  • Rate voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 75
  • Ozone output: 5 g/h with oxygen; 1000 mg/hour without Oxygen
  • Ozone concentration: 0 – 30 g/m3


The multi-purpose unit was made to tackle a variety of applications including water ozonation, sanitation and treatment. These units aim to provide the purest water by removing undesirable tastes, chemicals, odours and colours.

  • Purifying water  for drinking
  • Wash vegetables/fruits to remove chemicals
  • spas
  • bathtubs
  • fountains

Previous industries that have purchased this generator include:

  • water bottling plants
  • irrigation farms
  • fodders
  • agricultural applications
  • fresh markets
  • restaurants
  • doctors offices

The  Generator can also maintain your fruits and vegetables at their freshest state by eliminating herbicides and pesticides. Washing your produce in ozonated water will maintain a fresh flavour and vibrant colouring that will greatly extend the preservation period, some by as long as two weeks.

How it Works

  • Plug your power cord into the back of the unit and the wall socket.
  • Remove the bulkhead nut on O³ out port.
  • Then insert the bulkhead onto the tubing.
  • Screw the nut back onto the O³ out port.
  • Attach the diffuser stone of your choosing to the opposite end of the tubing.

For Oxygen Air:

  • Disconnect the small tubing from the O² in port.
  • Connect the oxygen source to the O² in port with appropriate tubing.
  • Adjust the flow rate of the oxygen source to a maximum of 2-4 L/minute or PSI 5.

 For Ambient Air:

  • Turn on both air compressor switch and the ozone switch, in that order.
  • Keep in mind, the unit will NOT power up until the timer is set.
  • Turn the power button on – it is located on the back of the unit by the power cord.
  • Turn the ozone concentration knob to 100 percent or the desired concentration for the given application.

Set the unit timer for the desired application duration.

Please note: Use a de-gasifier and an ozone destructor to ensure proper dissipation of ozone. To ensure proper ozonation of water, use ozone test strips.

Please Note: Operate with good ventilation. In case of exposure, immediately  move to  fresh air. If inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs.

Please note: Keep away from natural gas, oil, gasoline, or other flammable chemicals as it could be an extreme fire hazard.

  • Ozone Output: 5 g/hour with Oxygen Source; 1000 mg/hour without Oxygen Source
  • Oxygen Feed Gas Flow Rate: 2-4 LPM
  • Energy Usage: 135W
  • Ozone Concentration: 0-30 gr/m3

Oxygen Concentration Flow Rate

5G 8.5KV/8KHZ

  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 0.25, Ozone Output: 1560mg/h
  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 0.5, Ozone Output: 2847mg/h
  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 0.75, Ozone Output: 3919mg/h
  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 1, Ozone Output: 4758mg/h
  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 2, Ozone Output: 7332mg/h
  • Oxygen Flow Rate (L/M): 3, Ozone Output: 7020mg/h

Technical Specifications:

  • MP-5000: 8x15x10 inches, 15 lbs
  • MP-1000: 10.7x6x9 inches, 8.5 lbs
  • MP-3000: 8x12x10 inches, 13 lbs
  • MP-8000: 9.8x15x10 inches, 18 lbs

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 40 x 27 x 27