Basic test kit for storm water testing including an easy to use turbidity test measuring in NTU , and extended range  ITS pH test strips ( pack of 50)

Construction Run Off Test Kit


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Construction Run Off Kit


The construction run off kit comprises of a  turbidity tube and pH test strips .  Construction run off or storm water testing is often required to ensure that  the required silt control measures are in place.

pH Test procedure

For pH test strips:
1. Use container  to collect a water sample.
2. Place a pH test strip into the water being tested for approximately 10 seconds.
3. Put the test strip up against the colour chart on the tube and match the colour to closest number and record your result. Do not shake the test strip

Turbidity Tube Test procedure

Join the two tubes together.
1. Collect your water sample, being careful not to disturb any sediment.
2. Gradually pour the water sample into the turbidity tube while looking vertically down the tube. Place the tube out of direct sunlight at this stage.
3. Stop pouring at the point where the symbol on the bottom of the tube is just visible.
4. Note the reading from the scale on the side of tube.
5. Pour a small amount of the water sample out of the tube and repeat steps 2 and 3..

Tips : If you’re outdoors have the sun behind you while testing and make sure you always redo the test as it is a visual test.

Other products construction sites use are DO kits, pH meters and iron and aluminium test strips.

* NTU – Nephelometric Turbidity Unit

About Turbidity


Turbidity is a measure of the degree to which the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particulates.

The more total suspended solids in the water, the murkier it seems and the higher the turbidity


There are various parameters influencing the cloudiness of the water. Some of these are:

– Phytoplankton

– Sediments from erosion

– Resuspended sediments from the bottom (frequently stir up by bottom feeders like carp)

– Waste discharge

– Algae growth

– Urban run off


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