Bacterial Detecting Dipslides

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Bacterial Detecting Dipslides

Total Bacteria Slides

Total Bacteria dipslide paddles, 10 per box.  Dip slides have all the advantages of standard microbiology without any of the drawbacks.

  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to interpret.
  • Reliable Two results in one test.
  • Yeast & Bacteria testing.
  • Results available in 24-48 hours.
  • No lab facilities required

Bacteria grow as Red or colorless colonies. The Brown side will detect the presence of yeasts and/or fungi

Inoculation (Surfaces)

Remove the cap from the bottle and withdraw the combined cap/tongue unit taking care not to touch the Culture Medium.


Press one medium against the surface to be tested.


Repeat the procedure with the other medium but do not use exactly the same spot. When testing curved surfaces roll the slide to ensure maximum contact between the Agar and the surface.


Inoculation (Fluids)

Remove the dip slide tongue from its bottle, holding it by the cap to avoid touching the culture medium.


Immerse it in the fluid to be tested for about ten seconds, or expose the slide to a spray or running fluid so that the agar surfaces are covered.


Remove the slide from the fluid and allow it to drain for a few seconds.


Replace the dip slide into its bottle and tighten the cap.

Inoculated dipslides should be incubated at 35°C. It is important to begin incubation as soon as possible, and to continue incubation for several days to guard against false negative results.

Incubation time is 1-2 days for bacteria. The optimum temperature for most ‘yeasts and moulds is 27°C to 30°C.

Incubation time 2-7 days.

If the incubation temperature is considerably different from the operating temperature, microbial growth may be slow and it is advisable to continue

incubation for further periods to detect the presence of organisms.


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