Legionella Compliance  test kits include the key parameters that should be tested on a weekly and monthly basis to minimise the risk of Legionella proliferating to harmful levels in open water systems. They DO NOT test for Legionella itself but instead test for the conditions to control its growth.


Biofilm Legionella Test Kit

The Biofilm Legionella test kit has been specially developed for sampling surface biofilms. Instead of testing a water source you simply swab the area to obtain the biofilm sample.

Legionella grows in biofilms, therefore testing the surface of shower head, air conditioning units, water tanks, taps, spa pools etc. while paying particular attention to any biofilm deposits, gives a very accurate picture of the condition of your water system. This kits is also very useful for locating the source of infection, which often will be within biofilms. the sensitivity of the kit is 200 CFU/swabbed area.

The Swab Test Kit can be purchased in sets of 5 or 1.

Test Kit Features

√ The test is simple to use, no interpretation is required.

√ No need to measure or dilute solutions.

√ Provides straightforward results, on-site, within 25-35 minutes.

√ The test helps to minimise delays and downtime.

√ Regular use increases confidence in Legionella controls.

Key Benefits

  • It provides an immediate picture of Legionella contamination risk, which allows you to make quicker, better-informed decision about improving water quality.
  • The rapid test helps you to maintain high service standards and protects you from reputational damage.
  • The test helps to reduce public and employee health risk by minimising the time taken to identify Legionella.
  • Recording test information while analysing data helps to create a complete picture of Legionella contamination risks and a road-map to prevent future outbreaks.
  • This responsible approach is not only the right thing to do, but it is also smart for your organisation. Long lawsuits, huge fines and reputational damage following an outbreak can quickly destroy your business.

Test Parameters

Parameter Range
Bacteria detected Legionella pneumophilia serogroup 1
Detection method Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay
Limit of detection 200 CFU per swabbed area
Test volume 100 μL
Suggested sample area 10 cm2
Operator time 5 minutes
Test time 25 minutes
Operating Limits Operation on samples between 10–45°C
Shelf Life 18 months from date of manufacture
Storage conditions At room temperature (<30°C) in original packaging

All test strips are hermetically foil-wrapped and with a printed expiry date.


Legionellosis National guidelines for public health units

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10