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    Pacific Water Technology supplies turnkey equipment package solution for a whole host of applications utilising ion exchange resins and adsorbent resins.

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    Nanofiltration is a realtively new membrane separation process whose cut-off lies between that of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.  We offer the latest  nanofiltration technology in applications including  water softening and drinking water treatment.    Nanofiltration offer numerous benefits over conventional  RO systems due to the reduced energy cost and reduction in discharge water, especially where the salt rejection rate is of lesser concern.

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    Ultrafiltration  has set a new standard in membrane filtration with  pronounced improvements in energy efficiency, reduced  water wastage,  reduced risk of membrane fouling and  rupture.    The benefits of ultrafiltration are numerous  including low fouling membrane modules, excellent filtration performance with high flux and high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance for effective membrane cleaning.

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    Pacific Water Technology supplies turnkey equipment package solution for a whole host of applications utilising complete integrated ozone solutions including air-cooled corona discharge ozone technology that reduces water and energy use.

    We also manufacture  and supply integrated  ozone/oxygen packages that incorporate dissolution into aqeueous solutions.  The control equipment also includes prcoess monitoring of the dissolved ozone in the water, as well as enviromental monitoring of gaseous ozone in the atmosphere. We supply equipment packages designed for the food industry  and various  other applications. 

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    Pacific Water Technology supplies turnkey equipment package solutions  for  membrane technology including Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and  Ultrafiltration. We are committed to supporting your membrane filtration requirements by offering world class  and  state-of-the-art technology  including equipment design,  on time delivery and overall system integration and compliance,  in accordance with your specifications and relevant industry standards. Our  reverse osmosis membranes  for industrial  drinking water are the industry's most reliable.  Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow these membrane elements to deliver consistent performance that water professionals and our industrial  customers can depend on. 


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    Our high efficiency iron/manganese removal technology  is based on Manganese Dioxide catalytic  conversion  into higher valence insoluble oxy-hydroxides that are then filtered out with an automated backwash filter. The filtrationmedia used for that purpose is DMI-65.

    The DMI-65 is the most sophisticated catalytic water filtration media that has extremely high capabilities of removing both Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) simultaneously through low cost catalytic oxidation and retention of precipitate.  The DMI-65 will also remove arsenic from a water supply given the correct conditions.

    Water Quality Association - Gold Seal Product Certification                                                                Water Quality Association Seal

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    We at Pacific Water Technology consider safety of workers and also protecting the environment  as a top priority. We supply a range of portable hot dip galvanised bunds for flamable liquids and also hot work areas. The safe storage, handling and transportation of drums, containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace is essential in protecting workers and the environment from accidental spillage. The range of durable  hot dip galvanised spill bins includes storage for single and multiple drum, as well as IBC storage.

    Comply to Australian Standards      standardsAustralia


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    We offer a comprehensive range of high quality   liquid mixing and storage tanks and chemical feed system with integral dosing pump, and control equipment .   The dosing pumps used in our standard  chemical feed equipment packages are  designed for heavy duty industrial applications and include Milton Roy and Nikkiso dosing pumps .    

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    Our commercial and industrial  ion exchange water softeners are designed to meet the demanding needs and specifications for all types of soft water applications. Capacities start at 5000 litre / hr at 450 ppm total hardness and will deliver less than 1.5 ppm hardness after treatment . Economical and efficient,  our softeners can be equipped to operate manually, semi or fully-automatically. Regardless of the set up, only limited technical expertise is required for operation.

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    SEPLITE® LSI 106 selective gel type resin has the highest possible capacity for perchlorate and will load with perchlorate even when the concentration of nitrate and other anions is quite high.

    SEPLITE® LSI 106  is specially prepared to be taste and odour free and is WQA certified to meet the ANSI/NSF 61 standard for potable water.