Whole House Filtration Systems

We understand that not everyone’s water source is the same; while many people use mains water, others use bore water or rain water. As a result, we can install systems for all water sources. Selection of the right filter  begins in understanding your requirements, and also the key chemical parameters  of your water source and likely contaminants. We offer easy do it yourself test kits.

In addition to water source, we also take into account the size of your house. Our Automated Backwash Filter Systems have been designed to handle the large amounts of water used by domestic homes, and compliment these with mixed bed systems, carbon filters and high flow systems for larger flow rates. With a range of sizes available, you can be sure we’ll have one to suit your household.

commercial backwash filters


Our filtration systems rely on a number of different technologies:

  • Oxidative precipitation for iron and manganese removal.
  • Disinfection using  biocidal or oxidising chemicals or environmentally friendly ultraviolet or ozone .
  • pH correction using Calcite filters or soda ash dosing for acidic water, or acid dosing for alkaline water.
  • Ultrafiltration for whole house filtration by particulate exclusion to 0.01 micron.
  • Activated carbon backwash filters for tannin  and organics removal.
  • Sediment and sand  backwash filters.
  • Ion exchange filters with automated regeneration for ion selective removal like nitrates, nitrites and pesticides.
  • Proprietary media for removal of heavy metals and all forms of arsenic.
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