Ensure the longevity of your ozone generator with our advanced water trap—a reliable shield against moisture, offering seamless compatibility, quick installation, and unmatched durability in any environment.

Water Trap – WT-200 Stainless Steel


Secure your ozone generator by preventing water from reaching the corona cell. Install this unit between the ozone generator and ozone injector for top-tier protection—

your ozone generator’s best investment.

Moreover, this water trap is designed to stop water from entering an ozone-destruct unit.

Notable Features:

  1. Well-suited for demanding environments.
  2. Completely compatible with ozone.
  3. Quick and effortless installation.
  4. Boasts durability and exceptional reliability for prolonged usage

Water trap WT 200 Stainless steel

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions33 x 13 x 9