The ultimate control system to monitor the performance of your RO system.  A smart control system with a multitude of different functions:
  • Autoflush/ Manual flush override
  • Monitors the TDS and indicates when the membrane needs to be replaced.
  • Monitors total hours of usage.
  • Status Indicator- Full, Flush, Pump  Status, Source, Manual Flush. 




IC Control Box for Reverse Osmosis System 08055

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Auto flushing  function to get the most from your RO system.
What has been used previously only in industrial units has now been adapted to domestic POU units to create the worlds’ best RO system ,  our residential RO103TDS model. 


Features and Benefits :

Built-in the self-cleaning procedure, so the membrane remains clean. No stagnant water means there is no opportunity for bacteria to grow and multiply. Clean and safe drinking water on demand.

 TDS reading – confirms the water quality. Built-in TDS Meter indicates total dissolved solid content from 1 ppm to 99 ppm. When the reading is exceeds 40 ppm (NSF standards for the safe drinking water), the membrane needs to be replaced.

Built-in “Water Temperature Compensation”  

 Hour Counter for Membrane : Hour conter confirms when the membrane needs to be replaced and a warning LED light will be illuminated at 2500 hours

Manual Flush button for instant flushing of the membrane.  Instant manual flushing allows the pre-filtration cartridges to be thoroughly flushed prior to commissioning the new cartridges, especially useful for the flushing the activated carbon cartridges.

 System Reset Button: Reset Button to set up the working time from the beginning. After the replacement of cartridges filters, we suggest to reset the system. It will begin to flush all the cartridges filter (including the membrane) for 60 seconds.

 5 Indicators : confirm system status:Full, Flush, Pump  Status, Source, Manual Flush.  Will also warn in case of a malfunction.



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