The ultrafiltration membrane removes organic contaminants, viruses, bacteria, cysts, etc. down to a size of 0.01 micron without requiring toxic chemical treatments. Ultrafiltration works by physical particle exclusion. . Raw water is filtered under pressure through a high-technology hollow fibre membrane .Our units are predominantly Inside-Out flow configuration, with the option of forward flushing the membrane.   This reduces the incidence of membrane fouling  and allows for high solids loading, high flow area and easy cleaning.

Listed below are some examples of removal rates of microorganisms employing our  Litree UF technology:
Removal rate
Dientomophily > 99.9999%
Eschericia coli > 99.9999%
Virus > 99.99

Advantages of Ultrafiltration:

Much higher flow rates compared to RO systems.

Retains the natural mineral content in the water.

Requires less energy compared to RO systems.

Less prone to membrane fouling.

Stronger resistance to disinfectants like chlorine.

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