Kitchen Filters (Point-of-Use)

In selecting the filter that is right for you,  we have compiled some of the more common questions raised by our valued customers.

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Low mains pressure, what system would be suitable?

If you have low mains pressure we would recommend either a RO system with booster pump, or an> Ultrafiltration(UF) system that can operate to pressures as low as 100 Kpa.   If you have other sources of water, we would recommend a  sediment filter to protect the booster pump, or the membrane system.  There are RO systems with booster pump available that can be purchased as a complete unit. If you have gravitational water supply from a rain water tank, you would probably need at least 10 m of head for the ultrafiltration system to function properly. Pacific Water Technology will bring to market a new type of ultrafiltration system, that can operate at  even lower pressures.

Too high pressure, what should I do?

Your whole house water supply should have a pressure regulator suitable for the flow and pressure range.  Some residential households can have water pressures as high as 700 kPa. This pressure needs to be reduced to 300 kPa using the correct pressure regulator.

Limited Space- what purification system would be best?

If you have limited space you probably need a compact system which does not need a pressure tank. Ultrafiltration(UF) systems do not require pressure tanks, as the 0.01 micron filtration allows for a  much higher instantaneous flow rate of 1000 l/hr or more.

The water from RO units is acidic -how can I replace the healthy minerals?

The water produced from RO-units is generally acidic, as  most of the minerals are stripped from the purified water. The dissolved carbon dioxide however, is not removed. This gas, when  in contact with water, forms carbonic acid, hence lowering the pH. In order to counter this phenomenon, post- mineral filters can be added to increase the pH and also the mineral content of the purified water.  PWT offer a range of alkalising RO and UF systems that add healthy minerals to the water.

What about whole house filtration?

The standard  kitchen RO system produces around 200 l/day of purified water. We would not recommend a RO system that supplies the entire house, as the purified water can corrode the plumbing. Instead we can offer you whole house ultrafiltration systems, that have capacities of 3000 l/hr and more.  The ultrafiltration systems retain the natural minerals that are good for your health.


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