Aquarium Ozone and UV Steriliser

We offer a range of ozone generators including  systems with variable ozone output.These, ideally work together with a Redox (ORP) controller to control quality of water in an aquarium or a fish pond.


This Ozone Generator has a wide range of applications in home and commercial use including:


  • Water purification
  • Odour elimination in indoor environment
  • Kill gems, pesticides and bacteria
  • Food Sterilisation
  • Removal of agricultural chemical residue on surface of vegetables and fruits

About UV Sterilisation :

It’s actually a very simple process for removing (referred to as filtering) unwanted free floating microscopic water borne bacteria, parasitic, fungal, viral, algae, and other unfriendly pathogens out of aquarium water by exposing it to high intensity ultra-violet (UV) light. UV light has the ability to effect the function of living cells by altering the structure of the cells nuclear material, or DNA. The end result is the organisms die off, eradicating your aquarium water of these unwanted nuisances.Besides sterilising unwanted single cell organisms in your aquarium, UF sterilisation has no negative side effects.

Since only water that passes through the unit is treated, there is no impact on the beneficial filtration bacteria. UV does not add or take anything from the water column. The only immediate noticeable effect may be an increase in water clarity. Contrary to popular belief, UV exposure does not kill the organsims that pass through the unit. It simply uses UV radiation to sterilise single cell organisms and some small parasites so they can no longer reproduce. Larger organisms like pods and such will pass through unharmed and unaffected by the UV exposure.When using a UV Sterilizer in a home aquarium, the UV unit should be placed last in the filtration line. You want to first filter the aquarium water through your mechanical filter and then run the water through the UV steriliser,  before returning the water to your fish tank. By first removing the solids in the aquarium water with your mechanical filter (canister filter, etc), you are helping your UV unit to attain maximum operational efficiency.

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    • This advertised 'Multi-Functional Ozone Generator' is a very EFFECTIVE STERILIZER
    • for Home & Workplace use !
    • Perfect for purifying AIR, WATER, DISHES, FOOD, CLOTHES, AQUARIUM and BABY TOYS !
    • Also Ideal for PERSONAL HEALTH & BEAUTY !
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    Aquarium UV Light Steriliser| 40W 4500L/H

    Economical but very effective UV sterliser for aquarium tank or fish pond - destroys algae , bacteria and viruses in the water. 36 W UVC Power
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    4 to 90 litres/min  Heavy duty stainless steel 304 pressure vessel. Heavy duty quartz sleeve. High output, hard glass UV lamps for maximum efficiency. CE ballast with lamp failure indicator.

    Disinfection should be considered a minimum level of treatment for those relying on private water supplies for their potable water needs. . Ultraviolet (UV) technology is one of the most effective, convenient and affordable whole-house solutions for effective disinfection.