Industrial Ozone Generators

Packaged Ozone Generators with patented gaseous ozone corona discharge method producing ozone concentrations of up to 10 wt% with dry oxygen feed. Capable to produce up to 3000 g/hr ozone .

Standard features
Patented corona discharge electrode
High ozone concentrations
Stable ozone production
Easy maintenance and service
Low energy consumption
Light weight and compact design
Several safety features to protect from out-of-spec operating conditions
Over-heating thermal cut-out
Low feed gas cut-out
Door switch

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    Pacific Water Technology supplies turnkey equipment package solution for a whole host of applications utilising complete integrated ozone solutions including air-cooled corona discharge ozone technology that reduces water and energy use.

    We also manufacture  and supply integrated  ozone/oxygen packages that incorporate dissolution into aqeueous solutions.  The control equipment also includes prcoess monitoring of the dissolved ozone in the water, as well as enviromental monitoring of gaseous ozone in the atmosphere. We supply equipment packages designed for the food industry  and various  other applications. 

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