Drum Filters

A rotary drum filter (RDF) is a mechanical filter, which removes waste and other fine particles from the pond water via a micro screen (filter screen). What makes the RDF so special is the ability initiate an automated cleaning sequence by monitoring the water level inside the drum .

Rotary drum filters provide superb mechanical filtration with astonishing water clarity. Any waste from the pond water is removed from the water column almost immediately and it does not dissolve in the water. Therefore the workload for the bio stage is significantly reduced and allows filter chambers with a very small footprint.

We offer a range of rotary drum filters for fresh and sea water aquaculture applications. The filters can also be used in other industrial waste applications . The standard screen sizes available range from 30 to 90 microns. Our standard rotary drum filters have capacities of up to 420 m3/hr( 90 micron). All our rotary drum filters feature high quality German components including Siemens control panel and Grundfos pumps.  Rotary Drum Filters require minimal maintenance and very low power consumption.

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