New technology and ozone reactors generating high concentrations  ozone up to 316 mg/l (22% wt.)  These new ozone reactors rely on innovative   new and patented plate technologies allowing for ultrahigh concentrations of ozone.  The ozone generator requires water cooling and produces stable ozone concentrations irrespective of ambient conditions.  The packaged units up to 100 g/hr  include an air compressor , air dryer and oxygen generator.  The control system incorporates a PLC and  HMI – display unit with self -diagnostic capabilities  and the ozone output is adjustable using inverter technology.


Industries which  require high concentration  due to high ozone demand such as WWTP, STP, and Photovoltaic industry . The ozone generators are also suitable for odour control  for air treatment of flue gas treatment.  the ozone generators are also suitable for aquaculture and sanitation applications in the food industry.