This mixed bed resin is an industrial grade ion exchange resin which removes the total dissolved solids from water and is recommended in applications where reliable production of high quality water is needed. Excellent for aquariums, laboratory use, window cleaning and car washing, etc.

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PWT ‘s  ready to use mixed bed resins are specially prepared high quality ion exchange resin mixtures, designed for direct purification of water. The ratio of component ion exchange resins is engineered to provide high capacity performance of the ready to use mixed bed resin which depends on the application. Several of the mixed bed resins are available with indicators which facilitate ease of operation when a simple visual indication of exhaustion is desired.

Resinex™ MX-21 is a ready-to-use mixed bed resin specially designed for the production of fully demineralised water, e.g. circulating water in EDM applications. The product is made up of a 1:1,5 volumetric ratio of Resinex™ K-8 and Resinex™ A-4 to offer a very low conductivity in the outlet during operation. The high operating capacity offers an economic advantage and the type 1 functional group in the anionic compound guarantees a high purity, silica free water grade of resin which has a higher capacity that cheaper grades of resin on the market which will have a lower capacity

Key Features and Benefits DI Resin  Jacobi Resinex MX21

  •  High Integrity Beads
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical degradation
  • Ensures low pressure drop
  •  High Operating Capacity
  • Economical advantage
  •  Low Conductivity Leakage Offers conductivity leakage <0.1 µS/cm and it is usable for all standard mixed bed

Typical Applications  for Mixed Bed DI Resin

• Polishing after demineralisation
• Demineralisation in laboratories
• Mixed bed cartridges

More: PWT Cartridge Deionisers

Standard Packaging

• 25 litre PE valve bag
• 1000 litre big bag

About Pure Water.

The ISO based its specification on ISO 3696:1987, and specifies three grades of water: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, where Grade 1 is the most pure (see below):

Water quality parameters for ISO grades.

Parameter Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
pH value at 25oC 5.0–7.0
Conductivity (μS/cm)  at 25oC, max 0.1 1.0 5.0
Oxidisable matter Oxygen content (mg/l), max 0.08 0.4
Absorbance at 254 nm and 1 cm optical path length, absorbance units, max. 0.001 0.01
Residue after evaporation on heating at 110oC (mg/kg), max 1 2
Silica (SiO2) content (mg/l), max 0.01 0.02

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 54.5 × 16.9 × 13.7 cm


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