High output, hard glass UV lamps with quarts sleeves for maximum efficiency. Replacement lamps for UV -units 1 to 24 GPM.

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An Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system transfers electromagnetic energy from a mercury arc lamp to an organism’s genetic material (DNA and RNA). When UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of an organism, it destroys the cell’s ability to reproduce.

UV radiation, generated by an electrical discharge through mercury vapor, penetrates the genetic material of microorganisms and retards their ability to reproduce.

The effectiveness of a UV disinfection system depends on the characteristics of the water/ waste water, the intensity of UV radiation, the amount of time the microorganisms are exposed to the radiation, and the reactor configuration. For any one treatmentplant, disinfection success is directly related to the concentration of colloidal and particulate constituents in the water/ wastewater.


The main components of a UV disinfection system are mercury arc lamps, a reactor, and ballasts. The source of UV radiation is either the low-pressure or medium-pressure mercury arc lamp with low or high intensities.


  • High quality hard quartz material lamp and sleeve to maintain high output of 253.7nm. 
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Long service life saves your money.
  • Visual LED display indicator failure.
  • Polished stainless steel reactor chamber strengthen the UV reflection.
  • One of the most environmental friendly ways to sanitise the water.
  • Easy lamp replacement and maintenance.
  • Wide  range of application  and used in many water treatment areas.
  • Without adding any chemical complexes nor change the taste of odour of the water and does not remove any
    beneficial minerals in water.
  • Able to kill 99.9% destruction of bacteria and virus under standard water quality and flow. 
  • Destroys bacteria and inactivates various viruses.

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