Oxygen Tank Regulator

Oxygen Tank Regulator

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For use on INDUSTIAL oxygen tanks for AU/UK/IN/ZA,etc

regulate the flow of oxygen from the tank into the Ozone generator

G5/8″ outer thread 1/32 l/m – 4 l/m

Maximum pressure – 3,000 PSI

Barb Outlet


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Bullnose style oxygen tank regualtor, 0-4Lpm with 12 levels adjustable: 0,1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,

¾, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 L/min

The bull nose head will allow you to connect a low flow regulator to a BS 341-3 tank with a 5/8″ right hand internal thread
Countries that currently use these tanks include Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, etc.


Application For use on bullnose oxygen tanks
Regulate Range of flow 12levels 0-4 L/min
Maximum Pressure 3000 PSI
Oxygen Tank Connector Thread connection G5/8″ , bullnose
Oxygen outlet connector Barb Outlet
Length 15.65cm, Dia. 34mm
Net Weight 0.44kg
Gross Weight 0.49kg
Caton box 20pcs/carton box
Product Keywords bullnose Oxygen Regulator


1. High Quality
2. 0-4Lpm with 12 levels of flow rate
3. Bullnose standard
4. Brass valve with Aluminum body


‍About Oxygen Regulator

The Oxygen Regulator is designed to reduce the pressure and control the flow of oxygen from a oxygen cylinder or tank.

An oxygen flow control regulator is a pressure-reducing device, which lowers the oxygen pressure from a cylinder to levels, which can be safely used by the patient. Oxygen Regulators are intended for the administration of oxygen to patients who need increased oxygen levels to improve their breathing conditions.


This oxygen regulator uses an advanced, patented Intelliflo disc to regulate oxygen flow down to 1/32 LPM with very tight tolerances. Featuring a brass core for maximum safety and skidproof knob and body that won’t peel, flake or wear off. All metal anodized aluminum construction is more durable and will not rust, plus the gauge protector helps prevent damage.