Micro- Nano Bubble Generator

Micro- Nano Bubble Generator

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Our Micro-Nano bubble generator is the most efficient gas injection technology available to dissolve virtually any gas into any liquid. The bubble generator  produces trillions of  micro-nanobubbles, 200 nm to 50 microns  in size. Our micro-nano bubble generators transfer gas with greater than 85% efficiency, providing maximum gas utilization, improving the functionality of water, and enhancing treatment processes. The micro-nanobubbles remain suspended in water, creating a reserve of available gas and allowing for residual disinfection.


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Micro-Nano Bubble Generator

Micro-Nano Bubble Generator – Features

*Using high-pressure rotary flow transient release technology,high density of micro nano bubble,non-clogging,easy to maintain.

*Functional bubble diameter of 200 nm ~ 50μm , saturated water can be quickly produced with good gas-liquid dissolving effect.

*Stable performance, high efficiency, low noise.

*Wide range of application,such as : waste water /gas treatment aquaculture,agricultural irrigation,bath and so on.

The bubble which is 0.001 mm to 0.05 mm in size is defined as micro-nano-bubble (ultrafine bubble)

With this, Micro Bubbles can be widely adapted to different industries by integrating Micro Bubbles with various gases.

  • Air + Water: (1) decreasing COD and SS for waste water processing (2) generating anions for bathing system (3) increasing oxygen levels in the water for hydroponics and fishery
  • Ozone + Water: (1) rinsing food to kill bacteria and remove pesticides (2) cleaning panels and wafers of semi-conductors
  • CO2 + Water: (1) seaweed raising (2) Nano CaCO3 coating (3) carbon capture and storage applications.
  • H2 + Water: Creates negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), negative hydrogen water.


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