Arsenic and Heavy Metals Removal Filter |Metsorb®

Arsenic and Heavy Metals Removal Filter |Metsorb®


Highly Effective, Low-Cost Adsorbent for Reduction of Arsenic III & V and a Wide Variety of Heavy Metals

MetSorb® HMRG adsorbent utilises a patent-pending material for arsenic removal as well as the removal of a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals in water. Empty bed contact times as low as 10 seconds achieve high arsenic removal efficiencies. The material affords a higher capacity for arsenic removal and a lower level of ion interference than competitive iron and alumina based products.

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Process Description Arsenic and Heavy Metals Removal

About Arsenic

Arsenic is a natural element that is widely found in the Earth’s soil. Arsenic compounds are used commercially and industrially in the manufacture of a variety of products such as transistors, lasers,semiconductors, glass production, pigments, textiles, paper, metal adhesives, ceramics, wood preservatives, explosives and pesticides. 

There are two forms of arsenic – organic and inorganic. High levels of organic arsenic occur naturally in many types of food such as seafood. When eaten it is quickly eliminated by the body and normally poses a low risk to human health. Inorganic arsenic is found naturally in soil or rock where it can enter surface and ground waters. Inorganic arsenic can pose a serious risk to health. 


Arsenic Removal Technologies:

  Precipitative processes, including coagulation/filtration (C/F), direct filtration,coagulation assisted microfiltration, enhanced coagulation, lime softening (LS), and enhanced lime softening;

  •  Adsorption processes, specifically activated alumina (AA);
  •  Ion exchange (IX) processes, specifically anion exchange;
  •  Membrane filtration, including reverse osmosis (RO), and electrodialysis reversal(EDR);1-2
  •  Alternative treatment processes specifically greensand filtration; and
  •  Point-of-use (POU) devices.

 Arsenic and Heavy Metals Filtration Media Description

MetSorb® HMRG  adsorbents utilise a patented material to adsorb both forms of arsenic as well as a wide range of contaminants in water. Empty bed contact times as low as 10 seconds achieve high removal efficiencies.
The material affords a higher capacity and a lower level of ion interference than competitive iron and alumina  based products.

MetSorb® HMRG media’s adsorptive capacity is 220 grams of arsenic per kilogram of HMRG adsorbent at a pH of 7. It yields 40,000 bed volumes of capacity at an inlet concentration of 40 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic, at 1.6 minutes of empty bed contact time EBCT, and a breakthrough of 10 ppb.


For more about heavy metals removal click the following link: Heavy Metals Removal .


  •  Commercial and industrial treatment units for drinking  water or contaminated water.
  •  Municipal water treatment
  •  Carbon blocks
  •  Cartridges for pitchers
  •  Faucet mounted and countertop devices
  •  Household point of entry treatment units


  • Out-performs all other arsenic reduction media 
  • Removes both trivalent and pentavalent arsenic 
  • Concurrent removal of wide range of heavy metals and uranium
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting media (>10 years in most applications) 
  • Simple, automated periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently 
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance 
  • Brand-name digital control valve  with simple programming and operation 

 Control Valve Features 


Clack WS1TC Control Head:aquacera_logo


  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
  • Double backwash feature offers efficiency and optimum regeneration and cleaning ability
  • Days between regeneration feature: 1-99 days standard; 7-day optional
  • Down flow regeneration
  • 10 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory
  • 12-volt transformer provides safe and easy installation
  • Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates
  • Treated water regenerant refill


Fleck 5600 Control Head:

download (2)


5600 Fleck 12 Day backwashable control can be set to backwash on any number of days by pushing out stainless steel tabs on the face of the controller.  This will happen at 12am.  (Filter valves backwash at 12am, water softeners backwash at 2am)

  • Simple mechanical design is easy to understand
  • Ruggedly built timer is designed with heavy-duty 3/8″  wide plastic gears
  • 5600 controls are user friendly and easy to program
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer valve body
  • 12 day clock
  • Economical – small annual power consumption; keeps the time and activates the piston/valve mechanics with a single motor

Other advantages of

Metsorb® HMRG:

Process Conditions

  •  Removal of heavy metals to meet drinking water standards.
  •  High adsorbent capacity requiring less frequent replacement.
  • Fast kinetics to work effectively at high flow rates.
  • Nonhazardous disposal as solid waste.

Contaminants Removed:
• Arsenic III 

• Lead

• Arsenic V

• Mercury
• Cadmium

• Uranium
• Copper

• Zinc
• Antimony

• Selenium

Backwashing Information:

  •  For the initial backwash of a new unit, backwash at 5 gpm per sq ft until backwash water runs clear. 
  •  Backwash Flow rate: 5gpm per square foot. To calculate the backwash flow rate, use the following formula: 
     BW flow rate (gpm) = (0.03) x (Tank diameter in inches) x (Tank diameter in inches)
  •  Backwash Frequency: Initial Installation and Recommended Monthly thereafter. 
  •  Backwash time: 5 to 10 minutes

Service Flow Rates:


  • 5 to 10 gpm per square foot. To calculate the service flow rate, use the following formula: 

 Service flow rate (5 gpm) = (0.03) x (Tank diameter in inches) x (Tank diameter in inches) 
 Service flow rate (10 gpm) = (0.06) x (Tank diameter in inches) x (Tank diameter in inches) 


  •  Sample influent and effluent after initial install (to ensure everything plumbed correctly) 
  •  In service, sample effluent every 6 months or as federal, state, and local ordinances require 

Recommended Pre-treatment: 

  • Reduce Sediment with 25 micron whole house filter (Big Blue® – type) 
  •  Reduce Iron and Manganese levels to Iron < 0.3ppm and Manganese < 0.04ppm 

Media Disposal:


  •  Fully loaded MetSorb HMRG has passed the TCLP (toxicity characteristic leaching protocol) as well as the CA WET test (California 

Waste Extraction Test), so it may be disposed of safely as Non-Hazardous Solid Waste. We recommend that you follow local codes and ordinances for disposal.

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