Compact 0.01 micron countertop ultrafiltration system for removing viruses, bacteria and cysts in water without removing naturally occurring minerals in the water.    Ideal for point of use applications like the kitchen where safe drinking water is required. The carbon filter provides protection for other contaminants including chlorine, chloramine and other organic compounds.


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The LH5-2 Ultrafiltration unit comprises of an activated carbon cartridge and an ultrafiltration module.     The carbon adsorbs a wide range of impurities and contaminants, including chlorine, odours, and pigments. Other substances, like sodium, fluoride, and nitrates, are not as attracted to the carbon and are not filtered out. Because adsorption works by chemically binding the impurities to the carbon, the active sites in the charcoal eventually become filled. Activated charcoal filters become less effective with use and have to be recharged or replaced.

The ultrafiltration module use thousands of ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane strands. Each membrane strand contains billions of microscopic pores. Household water pressure pushes water molecules through these pores towards the hollow centre of the membrane. The membrane filtration provides 99.9999% reduction of bacteria and 99.99% of virus by mechanical means. Filtered water then flows through each fibre and is distributed to the tap or faucet. Ultrafiltration systems are much more water efficient than Ro systems and do not produce acidic water, as is the case with RO water.


Due to the small pore size, particles that are too large to pass through are physically blocked out, while dissolved salts and essential minerals freely pass through.

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Weight5 kg
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