Legionella Compliance Test Kit

Legionella Compliance Test Kit

Legionella Compliance  test kits include the key parameters that should be tested on a weekly and monthly basis to minimise the risk of Legionella proliferating to harmful levels in open water systems. They DO NOT test for Legionella itself but instead test for the conditions to control its growth.

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 Description-Legionella Compliance Test Kit

PWT’s high performance Legionella compliance test kit has been specially developed for engineers, water treatment professionals; plumbers  and building services and facilities management specialists involved in the management and control of Legionella associated risks.

Engineered water systems including cooling water systems require careful test monitoring to ensure the correct water conditions are achieved to reduce the risks associated with growth and proliferation of Legionella bacteria.

Failure to keep such water systems under control can lead to problems including scale formation, corrosion and the growth of the potentially fatal Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria can colonise manufactured water systems and can be found in cooling tower systems, hot and cold water systems and other plants which use or store water. To reduce the possibility of creating conditions in which the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria is increased, it is important to control the risk by introducing measures which:

(a) Do not allow proliferation of the organisms in the water systems;

(b) Reduce, as far as reasonably practicable, exposure to water droplets and aerosol

Legionella ‘Danger Spots’

√ Cooling towers & evaporative condensers

√ Hot & cold water systems, especially those incorporating showers

√ Spa & whirlpool baths √ Hot tubs √ Indoor fountains & water features

√ Horticultural misting systems

√ Emergency showers and eye wash sprays

√ Car/bus washes

√ Dental Water Lines

 If proper control measures are implemented following a risk assessment, such as regular addition of suitable biocides, monthly temperature checks, thermo- shock treatment, pH control and TVC screening, the legionella “risk” is kept in control. The Legionella Prevention Kits and Legionella Early Warning Indicative Test Kits  provide operators of water systems with more control and enable them to periodically check themselves that the control measures are working correctly.

This professional test kit is ideal for service engineers, water treatment professionals and facilities managers involved in the weekly and monthly analysis of engineered water systems.

The kit is presented in its own robust carry-case and includes all the equipment and reagents necessary to perform between 50 – 100 sample tests allowing users to effectively monitor system water conditions for specification compliance.

Key Benefits- Legionella Compliance Test Kit

  • Excellent Legionella risk management tool to monitor water system conditions
  • Ideal for water treatment engineers and facilities management specialists
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to follow waterproof instructions
  • Clear product labeling

Test Parameters Included

Parameter Range
Conductivity/TDS 0-19,999µS
pH 0.00 – 14.00 pH
Alkalinity M 0 – 2,400ppm
Bromine 0 – 5 ppm
Chloride 0 – 3,000ppm
Hardness Total HR 0 – 1200ppm
Hardness Calcium HR 0 – 1200ppm
Hardness Stop/Go 0 – 4ppm
Iron LR 0 – 1ppm

Note: Range is dependent on measuring instrument used.

Replacement reagents and other components are available.

Compliance Kit Contents

This test kit includes the following components:

Plastic robust case with foam inserts
Waterproof instructions
1 x 20ml Standard Syringe
1 x 10ml Standard Syringe
2 x 65ml Test Bottles
1 x Comparator
2 x 10ml Comparator Cells
1 x 10ml Testing Tube
Pocket pH1 Meter
Pocket Conductivity/TDS/Temp/Salinity Meter
Alkalinity M (Drop Test):
TA4 (65ml)
PA2/TA2 (65ml)
TA3 (65ml)
Bromine (Comparator):
DPD No1 Tablets (50)
DPD Nitrite Powder (20g)
Iron LR (Comparator):
Fe5 (65ml)
Hardness Total (Drop Test):
TH2 (65ml)
TH5 (65ml)
TH3 (65ml)
H/TH4/CH3 (65ml)
Hardness Calcium (Drop Test):
CH2 (65ml)
H/TH4/CH3 (65ml) (Already in other test)
TH3 (65ml) (Already in other test)
CH1P (20g)
Hardness Stop/Go (Drop Test):
Stop/Go Reagent (65ml)
Chloride (Drop Test):
BC1/CC1 (65ml)
BC2 (65ml)
CC2 (65ml)
Calibration Solutions for Pocket Meters:
Standard Conductivity 1413mS (65ml)
pH 4 (65ml)
pH 7 (65ml)
pH 10 (65ml)
Legionellosis National guidelines for public health units

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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