High performance ion selective electrodes that are manufactured in the US, factory calibrated for easy of use  

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Overview- Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)


 We supply a range of  high performance ion selective electrodes that are manufactured in the US.  All ion selective electrodes are factory calibrated and the Bante instrument will automatically recognise the specific probe.The  ion selective electrode measures the  ion directly in solution and there is no need for any pre-treatment with caustic chemicals, and no noxious gases are liberated.

These electrodes have a solid state membrane and a solid internal contact – i.e. they do not contain any liquid or gel electrolytes. Their characteristics and advantages are:

· All solid-state construction.
· Simple gold-plated plug-in connectors.
· Robust and Durable.
· Easy to handle.
· Stable electrochemical potential.
· Fast response time.
· Function in any position.
· No leaking of fluids.
· Long shelf life and working life.
· Can be stored and transported below 0°C.


An  ion selective electrode or ISE (with its own internal reference electrode ) is immersed in an aqueous solution containing the ions to be measured, together with a separate, external reference electrode. (NB: this external reference can be completely separate or incorporated in the body of the ISE to form a Combination Electrode.) The electrochemical circuit is completed by connecting the electrodes to a sensitive milli-volt meter using special low-noise cables and connectors. A potential difference is developed across the ISE membrane when the target ions diffuse through from the high concentration side to the lower concentration side



Items Description Price
Na-US Sodium Electrode Range: 0.1~23,000ppm 579
CL-US Chloride Electrode Range: 1.8~35,500ppm 579
F-US Fluoride Electrode Range: 0.02ppm to Saturation 579
Ca-US Calcium Electrode Range: 0.02~40,000ppm 579
NO3-US Nitrate Electrode Range: 0.4~62,000ppm 579
Br-US Bromide Electrode Range: 0.4 to 79,900ppm 579
NH4-US Ammonium Electrode Range: 0.1~18,000ppm 579
Cn-US Cyanide Electrode Range: 0.2~260ppm 579
Cd-US Cadmium Electrode Range: 0.01~11200ppm 990
Cu-US Cupric Electrode Range: 0.006~6400ppm 990
I-US Iodide Electrode Range: 0.06~127,000ppm 990
Pb-US Lead Electrode Range: 0.2~20,700ppm 990
Ag-US Silver Electrode Range: 0.01~107,900ppm 579
K-US Potassium Electrode Range: 0.04~39,000ppm 990
S-US Sulphide Electrode Range: 0.003~32,100ppm 990
NH3-US Ammonia Electrode Range: 0.02~17,000ppm 990
WH-Water Hardness Electrode Water hardness electrode, range: 0.00005 to 0.2M. 990

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
Select ISE

na, cl, f, ca, no3, br, nh4, cn, cd, cu, i, pb, ag, k, s, nh3, wh


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