Two stage caravan water filters offer protection against a wide range of chemical contaminants including chlorine and will provide great tasting water. Includes two quick connect hose fittings.


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Description:Boat Water Purification

Boat Water Filters

 Ever wondered what is in the  fresh water that is being transferred into your boat water tanks?  Travelling from Port  to  Port and  to remote areas brings the concern of inconsistent water quality.  The water could contain pathogens,  dissolved and suspended solids and other organic compounds imparting  bad smell and taste.  When you are on the high seas, the last thing you want is diarrhea caused by poor  water quality. We offer a filtration system including UV- sterilisation that will provide safe and great tasting water.  The system comprises of the following:


2 Stage Inlet Filtration

Standard Filter housings: 2.5″x 10″ reinforced polypropylene.Two stage sediment and activated carbon filtration2 quick connect hose fittings includedMax. pressure 125 PSI Bursting pressure 550 PSI


Clean, pure water is a priority for everyone, and we don’t want the hazzles of visiting a doctor when we are on holidays. We are just not sure how safe is your water supply when you go camping, or caravaning across the big brown land.  Don’t take any chances, invest in a water filter, or a water purifier if the water supply is suspect.  Our double stage water filter contains :

1. Sediment Filter 10 micron( other micron sizes are available)

2.Carbon Block Filter: These filters simultaneously remove free chlorine and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odour while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5µm nominal sediment filter. These filters are optimised for applications where they perform the role of both a sediment and activated carbon filter.

 Certified by NSF 42 and FDA .

Besides physical adsorption, chemical reactions can occur on a carbon surface. One such reaction is chlorine removal from water involving the chemical reaction of chlorine with carbon to form chloride ions. This reaction is important to POU treatment because this conversion of chlorine to chloride is the basis for the removal of some common objectionable tastes and odours from drinking water. Water contaminants adsorb because the attraction of the carbon surface for them is stronger than the attractive forces that keep them dissolved in solution.


Enjoy your outback holidays with safe drinking water



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