Ozone for Every Family! Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meats Stay Fresher Longer in every Household Thanks to a Green Refrigerator ozone generator. 

Eliminate second hand smoke in your car and removing bad odours!

The Aquapure personal  ozone system  uses the natural cleaning powers of O3 or Ozone to both clean and disinfect your fridge and extend the shelf life of  your produce.

Battery operated and can also operate via USB cable.

Aquapure Personal Ozone Generator

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Overview- Aquapure Personal Ozone Generator


Prevent Second hand smoke in your Car using your own personal ozone generator !

The personal ozone generator will extend the shelf life of your fruit and vegies in your fridge!

Remove bad and stale odours !

Your personal ozone generator for extending the shelf life of produce and meats in fridges:

Ozone, the second most powerful oxidant readily available is an excellent sterilising agent as well as chemical oxidising agent. Because of this property, it has been studied for preservation foods. Indeed, many European countries currently employ ozone for maintaining holds of refrigerated ships free of bacteria, molds, odors, ets., for preservation of cheeses, eggs, some meats, poultry, some berries and some fruits.

Based on some studies, it is apparent that ozone contributes to extending the shelf life of ripening fruits and vegetables. Many fruits emit ethylene gas, which accelerates their ripening. Ozone reacts with ethylene, produces intermediate ethylene oxide which fights against mould, yeast and bacterial growth and slows the ripening process. Ozone is effective in controlling bacteria and mould on fresh meat when applied early in the meats storage.

Benefits: Personal Ozone Generator


 1, Strengthens your  body immune system: The Health protector generates anions which help to improve the pulmonary function and myocardial function, also improving sleep, promotes metabolism, and enhances your immune system

2, Remove stale smells and odours: Health protector generates ozone which is a powerful oxidising agent, it will oxidise harmful toxic substances and odours including organics in the air, removing bad smells and relieves  toxicity, and without any secondary pollution.

3, Remove dust & pollen and Kills bacteria & germs: Anion charged particles neutralise the positively charged particles floating in the air, it is able to eliminate dust, smoke and pollen particles, which carry allergies.

4, Extends shelf life of your produce in your fridge: Due to the strong oxidising power of ozone, spoilage organisms in your fridge are effectively eliminated thereby increasing the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables.  Any residual pesticides that may remain on the surface of produce, is also removed by the oxidising action of ozone.

Personal Ozone generator for reducing second hand smoke and removing cigarette smoke odours:

Cigarette smoke is not only irritating to those with allergies and asthma, but the smoke fumes and chemical vapors spread into almost every part of a vehicle. They cling to the carpet, upholstery,  cracks and crevices, and most other surfaces.

Cigarette smoke can be a difficult pollutant to remove because there are different components to the smoke. The first component of smoking is that cigarettes produce many toxic and irritating gases such as carbon monoxide, phenol, and ammonia gases. The second component of the smoke odor is the high level of tar vapors released into the air as cigarettes are smoked. These smelly tar vapors become sticky when they contact surfaces. They travel everywhere in the facility that smoke or air can flow into, including inside air vents, on walls and ceilings, on furniture, and even inside closets and cabinets. In order to totally eliminate cigarette smoke odour, you need something that will follow the same path as the tobacco vapours and oxidise the harmful chemicals away. This is very the ozone generator comes to it’s own- as the ozone is generated it will follow the same path and destroy the harmful chemical substances.

Product Application:

  • Car cigarette odour removal
  • Refrigerator/ freezer
  • Food storage
  • Bedroom
  • Food cabinet
  • Shoes cabinet
  • Toilet
  • Smoking room


Extending the shelf live of your produce

How Does Ozone Work?

How ozone works

Once the ozone system has delivered ozone into the water delivery line , it cleans the target water or produces ozone-enriched water to sanitise a surface through ozone oxidation.

The unstable third oxygen atom can combine with organic and inorganic molecules to destroy or change them through oxidation. This process happens almost instantaneously. For example, ozone in a swimming pool will kill Cryptosporidium parvum practically on contact, whereas chlorine in normal pool concentrations would take hours to kill it. Like chlorine, ozone is “used up” in the oxidation process, and has to be re-supplied.

Technical Specification:

Negative Ions 3×10^6 ocs/cm³
Active Oxygen (Ozone) 20~40mg/h
Rated power 0.2W
Voltage 6W
Working mode 2 min ON, 40 min OFF;

or 4 min ON, 80 min OFF

Continuous operation 24 h/day
Size (L x W x H) 120 x 72 x 51 mm
Weight 126g with plastic housing
Power source 4 AA Batteries or USB cable
Air flow Self induced
Your personal health protector
Your personal health protector

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