Refillable Water Filter Cartridges

Empty refillable filter cartridges that fit into standard filter housings. These cartridges can be filled with your filtration media of choice in order to create a filter cartridge that is custom to your specific needs.  Using refillable water filter cartridges  is a more economical solution compared to buying standard ready-to-use water filter cartridges. These cartridges come standard with built-in pre and post filters to keep the media from being washed out of the filter cartridge.

The sizes available are:

10″ x2.5″ :Typically used for point-of-use applications, such as in the kitchen.( Clean and white)

10″x2″: Clear in-line cartridges for adding media of your choice and adding another stage to your existing filter system.

20″x2.5″:  Used with standard slimline filter housings for commercial Ro systems, or where space is limited.

10″x4.5″: Used for whole house filtration  and high flow applications with Jumbo Filter housings( 10″x4.5″)

20″x4.5″: For whole house filtration or commercial high flow water applications in Jumbo Filter housings( 20″x4.5″)

Popular Applications are:

Polyphosphate for scaling and corrosion control.

Activated carbon and KDF media.

Activated Alumina for fluoride removal

Calcite media for pH increase and addition of minerals to potable water supply.

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