Catalytic carbon is a specially processed filter medium designed to greatly enhance carbon’s natural ability to promote chemical changes in contaminants. Standard filter carbon reduces contaminants in two ways. It “adsorbs” chemicals by trapping and holding them, and to a smaller degree, it “chemisorbs” contaminants by changing them to something harmless. Chlorine, for example, can be “catalysed” to  chloride.Catalytic carbon retains conventional carbon’s ability to adsorb contaminants but it also possesses greatly enhanced capacity to catalyse, to promote beneficial chemical reactions. It is by catalytic action that chloramine is reduced.

Supplied in four different cartridge sizes to suit most filter housings. We supply the catalytic carbon in refillable cartridges, so save money next time when you buy the catalytic carbon media only

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    Our range of world class catalytic carbon filters are specifically designed to remove chloramines in your water supply. If you have standard activated carbon, chances are the filter is not doing it's job as chloramines in your water are very difficult to remove. Select from the four standard cartridge sizes, supplied in refillable cartridges filled with media.

     Buy your media loose next time and save!

     Certified by NSF 42 and FDA .