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Removes Chlorine and Fluoride. We offer a range of reverse osmosis systems for point-of-use(POU) applications.    In addition, we also supply replacement membranes and replacement filters.  Our Water Filtration and Purification Systems are independently tested and certified by the NSF.  All our membranes are  high quality  Dow Filmtec membranes manufactured in the US. The reverse osmosis systems come as complete units and  are easy to install requiring less than one hour for complete installation. We also offer modern design leading edge counter top RO systems that can dispense water into a removable receptacle that can be taken anywhere.  These systems  require no installation other than connecting up the water supply to the kitchen faucet. Using your own water purification system, instead of bottled water, can save you a lot of money.

The average cost of a litre of tap water in Australia is   $0.003 (2012/2013)

 The average cost of a litre of bottled water in Australia is $2.83

The variable cost of producing RO water is around $ 0.010 per litre.    If you replace  1 litre of bottled water per day with 1 litre of RO water, your saving would be  $1029 per year!

Australians drank 115 Olympic swimming pools worth of bottled water  in 2014. More

Just make your own great tasting Chlorine and Fluoride free water and save heaps!

We also offer portable Reverse Osmosis Systems that can be used at home, the office and anywhere you go. They simply connect up to the kitchen faucet in a few minutes.

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and Buyer Beware : Be careful of water filter companies that promise you outrageous waste: pure water ratios of 1:1 see our blog:

Portable RO system-just plug in and enjoy!

Portable RO system-just plug in and enjoy!

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