Scale prevention

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    Polyphosphate scale inhibitor with refillable cartridge

    Refillable  10 x 2.5" Cartridge  filled with Polyphosphate scale and corrosion  inhibitor .

    Polyphosphate  reacts with soluble metals (iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, etc.) by sequestering (bind-up) the metals to maintain their solubility in water. The phosphate sequestering process minimises the risk of discolouration, staining, scaling, taste/odour and other water quality complaints.


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    Our commercial and industrial  ion exchange water softeners are designed to meet the demanding needs and specifications for all types of soft water applications. Capacities start at 5000 litre / hr at 450 ppm total hardness and will deliver less than 1.5 ppm hardness after treatment . Economical and efficient,  our softeners can be equipped to operate manually, semi or fully-automatically. Regardless of the set up, only limited technical expertise is required for operation.

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    Nanofiltration is a realtively new membrane separation process whose cut-off lies between that of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.  We offer the latest  nanofiltration technology in applications including  water softening and drinking water treatment.    Nanofiltration offer numerous benefits over conventional  RO systems due to the reduced energy cost and reduction in discharge water, especially where the salt rejection rate is of lesser concern.