Personal Ozone Health Protector

Personal Ozone Health Protector

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Introducing our New Personal Ozone Health Protector

Pacific Water Technology has launched a new product into the Australian Market-

A personal battery operated ozone health protector for a wide range of potential applications.

Pacific Water Technology, based in Brisbane is on the forefront of

evolving ozone technology for personal and commercial applications.

The German designed  Aquapure personal  ozone health protector  uses the natural cleaning powers of O3 or Ozone to both clean and disinfect your fridge and extend the shelf life of  your produce.  The  low power consumption, ensures continual and long lasting freshness. This unit will help to eliminate the cross-contamination of food odours as well. This unit is small, and it won’t take up very much space in your fridge! These units are very affordable and come with a one year warranty!

Your personal health protector!

Your personal health protector!

Because ozone is a safe, powerful disinfectant, it can be used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industries. Ozone has been used for many years in the food industry because of its ability to disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated, or to the food processing water or atmosphere in which food are stored.



  • Car cigarette odour removal
  • Refrigerator/ freezer
  • Food storage
  • Bedroom
  • Food cabinet
  • Shoes cabinet
  • Toilet
  • Smoking room



Benefits of your personal Ozone Health Protector:


1, Enhances your immune system: The Health protector generates anions which help to improve the pulmonary function and myocardial function, also improving sleep, promotes metabolism, and enhances your immune system

2, Removes stale smells and odours: Health protector generates ozone which is a powerful oxidising agent, it will oxidise harmful toxic substances and odours including organics in the air, removing bad smells and relieves toxicity, and without any harmful by-products.

3, Remove dust & pollen and Kills bacteria & germs: Anion charged particles neutralise the positively charged particles floating in the air, it is able to eliminate dust, smoke and pollen particles, which carry allergies.

4, Extends shelf life of your produce in your fridge: Due to the strong oxidising power of ozone, spoilage organisms in your fridge are effectively eliminated thereby increasing the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables.  Any residual pesticides that may remain on the surface of produce, is also removed by the oxidising action of ozone. 

Extending the shelf live of your produce

Extending the shelf life of your produce


Your personal health protector

Your personal health protector



If you wish to order a personal health protector, they can be ordered on-line at: Buy Aquapure Personal Ozone Generator

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