Technical Resources Water Treatment

Technical Resources Water Treatment

We have listed below some technical resources  water treatment that include third party technical references relating to Australian Water Standards, Legionella , cooling water tretament , magnetic water treatment, soft water treatment , solubility guidelines and various engineering tools including pipe sizing calculators and  equations. 


Cooling Tower Information Session Broadmeadows

Drinking water quality standards

Drinking Water Environmental Protection Rules

Guide to Drinking Water Technologies for Household Use


Legionnaires Disease

Magnetic Water Conditioners

Perchlorate Health Effects and Technologies for Its Removal from Water Resources

Periodic Table – Chart of All Chemical Elements

QLD Legionella Control Guidelines

Soft Water – It’s Not For Drinking

Solubility rules! Guidelines for chemical compound solubility

The Truth Behind Alkaline Water Marketing

Warm Water Systems and Legionella

Water Quality Guidelines – WATERRA

What to do if your well water is contaminated – City of Ottawa

Langelier & Aggressive Indices

Encyclopaedia of water terms

Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011

Cooling Tower Management Guidelines in Qld

Australian fresh and marine water guidelines

National Water Quality Management Strategy

Guidance to the control of legionella


Water Sampling

Guidelines for managing water quality in medical health facilities


Engineering Tools :

Engineering Tools Calculator

Pipe Sizing

Pool Standards